What is a Child Chain

Ardor child chains are a new technology that are not the same as sidechains approaches. Instead inter-chain transactions within the platform can easily be carried out, as child chains are tightly integrated in the Ardor parent chain. Ignis is the first child chain in the Ardor ecosystem. It is the only child chain without any restrictions. Other child chain tokens will likely not include all possible features, as owners may disables features like the decentralized marketplace in favor of a centralized marketplace. Child chains can be permissioned, KYC/AML-compliant or adjusted for local (securities) regulation. Via the parent / child chain ecosystem, tokens and assets can be traded across chains, which will enables users to directly trade IGNIS tokens for ARDR or child chain tokens.

This new structure means child chains can be implemented and features activated in a matter of minutes or hours. Since the blockchain infrastructure is already in place with the Ardor main chain, child chains can quickly adopt custom use cases. These child chains still receive all the speed, security, and usability upgrades of the main chain, since they’re all integrated on one platform.