Suppose you own a video game store and Nintendo announces that they’re selling a Nintendo64 Classic. You know that you’ll only receive a limited quantity. To save your customers the hassle of lining up outside your store at 5 am to try to get their hands on one, you decide to offer them an opportunity to buy vouchers ahead of time, which they can exchange at their convenience for the game system. You’re worried that scalpers will buy up all of your vouchers at MSRP and resell them for a huge markup, though.

You decide to issue your voucher through the Ignis Monetary System as a controllable currency. This means that you can sell it at a fixed price and buyers can’t resell it later to anybody but you. When the account holder later visits your store, you buy back the voucher for next-to-nothing and give him or her a Nintendo64 Classic in return.

"What Good is Ignis, Anyway?" by segfaultsteve, Nxter Magazine / Desaturated from original.

Note: This can be done right now on the Ignis blockchain using the standard Ardor wallet. Or you can write an app with a custom interface that interacts with Ignis on the backend and your users won't even know that they’re transacting on a blockchain.