Parent and Child Chain Relations

(In easy to understand language)

The Ardor Platform is made of one parent chain and several child chains.

Ignis is the main child chain on the Ardor platform. It is “Main” because it's the first and because it holds all the features child chains can possibly have.

There is one single blockchain for the Ardor platform including all child chains. In fact Ardor is called the parent chain or security chain because it’s where the blockchain resides. Blocks will pack the transactions happening on the Ardor parent chain and transactions happening on the child chains.

But what is the difference between Ardor and Ignis?

Ardor is in charge of the blockchain. That’s its main job. It’s called the security chain. You can send and receive Ardor or exchange them for another coin within the platform. And of course you can forge (term used for mining in the Proof Of Stake Ardor world). As parent chain transactions cannot be pruned, there are not many things you can do with the Ardor coin. This is the reason why Ardor transaction fees are more expensive than child chain transactions.

Ignis instead is the main transactional chain. All features such as

- Asset Exchange

- Monetary System

- Voting

- Data Cloud

- Marketplace

- Shuffling

- Messages

- Aliases

can be used within Ignis. See the features menu in the sidebar for more information.

Why hold Ardor?

Because you can forge and take advantage of the platform as a whole.

Why hold Ignis?

Because you can use all the functionalities, smart transactions and cross-chain capabilities available in the platform.

Do I need Ardor to execute transactions on Ignis?

No. Transaction fees within the Ignis chain are paid in Ignis. The Bundlers on the Ardor platforms take care of paying the forgers in Ardor and receiving your fees in Ignis.

How do I transfer Ignis? Do I have a separate Ignis wallet address?

The Ardor address is universal. The same address is used for Ardor, Ignis and the other child chains. Send your Ignis to your ARDOR-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx address and you’ll get your Ignis."