Co-Ownership of Property

Suppose you and some friends own a rental property. You can create an asset on Ignis to represent shares of the property and distribute the shares among the co-owners. As the property earns money, you can pay dividends to the owners in proportion to the amount of the asset that they hold (this is a built-in feature). They can freely buy or sell their shares in it (another built-in feature), making it easy for them to take on as much or as little risk as they are comfortable with. If you need to make a collective decision, like whether to remodel it, you can conduct a poll of your asset holders (another built-in feature) where their votes are weighted by their share of the asset, or where each person gets an equal vote, your choice.

"What Good is Ignis, Anyway?" by segfaultsteve, Nxter Magazine / Desaturated from original.

Note: This can be done right now on the Ignis blockchain using the standard Ardor wallet. Or you can write an app with a custom interface that interacts with Ignis on the backend and your users won't even know that they’re transacting on a blockchain.